Goodbye cookies. Hello people-first experiences. 

Faraday’s Customer IDentifier uses a new identity graph to combine your data into quantitative personas. Unlock insights into existing and future customers — for free.

Trusted by the world's fastest-growing brands

Powering people-first experiences

Personas powered by next-gen identity resolution, without third-party identifiers 

Faraday’s 270M+ responsibly sourced consumer profiles join your data with proprietary interests, affinities, and personality traits bringing to life individualized personas so you can tailor personalized experiences across the customer journey.

Take back control of your campaigns and budget

Use predictive signals on your customers to create compelling personalized experiences so you can make your marketing budget work smarter, not harder.

Safeguard customer privacy

Customer data is maintained with robust privacy-centric data collection and opt-out practices, complying with privacy regulations around the world–meaning your ability to target real people won't be impacted by cookies crumbling.

How it works

Effectively leverage Faraday’s AI-powered customer identity graph to provide personas to power a consistent omnichannel experience while also being respectful of customer privacy.




Uncover customer personalities without cookies by piecing together behaviors and interests across digital channels. 

Build real life personas to reveal the real people behind your data to enable more meaningful engagement and increased audience attention.

Launch more relevant campaigns by zeroing in on your ideal audience for your objective, whether it’s building awareness, driving traffic, or increasing conversions.

Fueled by the Faraday Identity Graph

Privacy at its core. The Faraday Identity Graph uses cutting-edge data science to connect your customers’ and prospects’ real world data to their devices and digital behavior with accuracy and scale.

Start preparing for the cookieless future today!

Find your best customers, engage them with the perfect ad or email, and meet your business goals. 

Faraday’s Customer IDentifier tool helps you build ad campaigns that increase sales and grow your customer base.

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